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This has nothing to do with my blog but I’m selling my Sims 3 games (for a cheap price). I’m not able to play them anymore because I no longer have the time. So if anyone is interested in buying them contact me on here and I’ll send all the info needed. The games include The Sims 3 base game and the ep’s: Pets, Seasons, Showtime and University.

Esquire Magazine (August 9, 1994).

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Madonna. Rolling Stone Magazine 1991.

by Steven Meisel

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So I was talking to my friend about Madonna last night. And he had some mean things to say…


General things like Madonna is a bitch, or that she was way over the top being sexual in the 90s, or that she was too skinny during the Hard Candy era, or that she had cheek implants, that she acts immature and on and on, throwing hateful accusations against Madonna…

My first reaction:

1. search for MDNA “Like a Virgin” tour photos to show him how great her body looks now. Tell him that she never had cheek implants; her face is prone to appearing fuller when she gains more weight than usual. She also used a few times a certain serum, cheek plumping procedure that gives them an appearance of implants… 

2. explain to him that Madonna has always been hugely misunderstood or bullied for expression of art. My main argument was that actresses who play whores or appear fully naked on the big screen never go through the “shame attack” by the media, but singers for some reason do. 

3. she is not a “bitch”, she is simply brutally honest, does not kiss ass, and is not a hypocrite. She is who she is and will not pretend to be any less or any more. She has paid millions for kids’ education, people’s medical bills, saving broke families’ houses and so on… 


Nothing I said seemed to work on him…

My friend was determined to simply dislike Madonna. I left his house a little bit bumped, not because he “hurt my feelings”, but because he is my friend, and I want my friends to be a least a little bit open-minded and give people like Madonna a benefit of a doubt.

And then it hit me.

I realized that THE REASON I LOVE MADONNA SO MUCH is because she has been there and done that! She has fallen many times, and as Madonna fans we have seen her get back up again and keep on going! She has suffered sticks and stones from people all around the world, yet she dusts them off and KEEPS ON GOING!

Madonna may have made poor choices in the past (depending on one’s judgement), but she never dwells in the past, or regrets things, or takes upon an image of a victim!! She learns and moves on, while continuing to make great music and entraining her fans who love her, all around the world! 

Madonna has taught me to truly speak my mind, and not be afraid of what other people think of me! She is the only female singer who speaks against prejudice, discrimination, homophobia and injustice while risking her career, risking being sued and even risking being arrested and jailed! 

So next time you wanna show me an unflattering picture of Madonna or insist that she is a bitch, or a whore, or call her any other horrible names, you should know that this is all a part of the reason I love her!

I am not perfect! Far from it! And seeing someone like Madonna having the ability to still love, care for her kids, care for the world, and continuing doing what she’s doing, gives me faith that not all is lost for me either! 

In fact, the more broken I am, the more I learn to value, treasure and love!! 


You made me cry, I cried a river.

Golden Globe Awards (2012)

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